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So here’s us talking with Bloom Twins as promised in our article last week. With the recent and ongoing events in Ukraine, the girls shared their thoughts not only on their music, but on this personal for them and global subject, which is expressed in their dark cover of Bob Marley’s song “Get Up, Stand Up” as well.

So you’re actually twins, if that’s not obvious enough, but is there any story behind the name of your music project?

If we would say that we named our band because we love flowers, it would have been a total lie. So the reason why we named our band like that is that we want people to know the story of us blooming. The story of us coming from a total zero to something. It is about our journey from Ukraine to London. It is about all those things that we have learnt. It is about us growing up. And it is not an age thing. It is something that we have inside of us. Something that grows bigger and bigger with every day. It is about the love inside of us.

How did you two end up in London, making music and stuff?

That is quite a story. So it was when we were 16 years old. By that time we didn’t consider pursuing ourselves as musicians. There were many reasons for that. One of them is that in Ukraine we had many boundaries. We couldn’t create with all our freedom, we couldn’t be ourselves, so that is why we decided to live normal lives and find a University as all normal teens. So as we were applying, we met our managers. We sang a couple of songs to them and they probably liked it and said if we really wanted to be musicians, we shouldn’t have been be scared to choose the harder way. They suggested us to move to London and develop our art there. To make it short – here we are. It wasn’t as easy as it’s sounds. But we took this risk.

Are there any plans for a full-length album and when to expect it?

Sure, we are planning to release our full- length album, but let’s begin with an EP. Everything starts from little. It will most likely be a 5-track EP and will probably be released sometime in the last quarter of a year. Not sure about title as of yet.

Do you have gigs around Europe?

Yes, we do. We had a couple in Paris, Portugal and Ukraine. We are planning to do more in Paris this year. And this summer we are going to perform in Portugal again. And maybe some other countries too. To name a few of the upcoming gigs: Sunday, April 6th at the Paradise By Way Of Kensal Green (London); Thursday, April 24th at the Proud Galleries (Camden);

Who are some of your idols, like writers or world leaders or artists or just people you know?

One of our favourite bands of all time was and still is Radiohead! Thom York is just a genius ! We love him not just as a creator, but for his personality as well. Another idol is Kevin Spacey. We love every movie he was ever in! He is just so natural.

Let’s talk about Ukraine. How do you feel about all the horrible things that are happening there right now and why do you think all this happened?

We are really horrified. We would never think that standing for your rights can lead to this situation. We’re not really into politics and don’t know the main reason why Russia is making such an aggressive move towards Ukraine over Crimea. We are all brothers and sisters and we hate the fact that power and money are the priority and that’s why we are having this issue right now. It all began when Yanukovich made a U-turn on a trade deal with the EU. People started to protest not because of it but it started when students were brutally beaten up, and the nation had had enough of the corruption and the abuse with power and just didn’t want to carry on living unhappy lives they don’t deserve. They just wanted their kids to be happy, to have a better future and be able to speak their minds and be heard. They were standing up for democracy and human rights and against dictatorship. And that’s the main thing. But somehow it all spiralled out of control and it is way more complex now. It involves too many world powers and the people of Ukraine are in the middle of it.

You covered Bob Marley’s song in a very dark way. Why this song exactly and what’s the message you want to share through it?

We really wanted to praise the people that gathered on Independence Square who stood for their rights; we wanted to say that we understand this is only half the story that is being told; we wanted to say that it is right to stand up for your right; we wanted our fellow citizens to hear that we support them, and we are with them, cause at times it was very hard for them to be heard. Every line of that song reflected Ukraine. Ukraine finally had this opportunity to change the course of events. “Now we see the light – Stand up for your rights”. But the reason why it is dark and sad and has sorrow is because of how sour it all went and how much pain there was. We released it before the shootings. Little did we know that it was only the beginning.

Tell us something that you wish the people who read this should know and let’s stop all this babbling.

Life is beautiful and never forget it. Enjoy every moment because there will never be another moment like this. Life is a journey, not a destination. So enjoy your path and never forget to appreciate the things you have.

We would like to thank Bloom Girls for their interview for Bad Brokoli. We do hope next time we’ll talk about art only and that Ukraine and the rest of the world will find their way to a peaceful state of mind.


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